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Why isn’t my dog drinking water?- 4 tips to help your dog drink more water

Med. vet. Fulya Şafak

It’s no secret that dogs need water to stay hydrated and healthy. There are also times when it is really beneficial to encourage your dog to drink more fluids, such as when they are experiencing illnesses. But sometimes, getting your dog to drink enough water can be a BIG CHALLANGE.

Why isn’t my dog drinking water?

Your dog may not be drinking water for the following reasons:

– Food type

Wet or canned food provides your dog with a large amount of water, which means he may drink less water.

– The change in the weather

During the summer months, it’s normal for dogs to drink more water as the fluid in their bodies evaporates more easily (via sweating, panting ), but this behaviour starts to decrease as the weather starts to cool down.

– Health problems

Your dog’s water intake can also be affected by many health issues. Reduced thirst can be cause of nausea and nausea related diseases such as pancreatitis, kidney diseases and gastrointestinal diseases.

“Kidney disease often causes increased thirst in the early stages, but as it gets worse, dogs might become nauseous and not want to eat or drink.”

– Mouth problems

It may be painful for dogs to drink if they have an infected or broken tooth, a tumor in their mouth, or a fracture or dislocation of their jaw. A vet should be consulted if you suspect your dog has one of these conditions.

– Change in water type

Yes, dogs can also be “water gourmet”. If they used to drink tap water, they can refuse to drink bottle water or distilled water – or vice versa.

Tipp: Give your dog a chance to adjust to the new water gradually by mixing the two types and slowly phasing out the old type.

How can I encourage my dog to drink water? 4 Tips to Get Your Dog to Drink More Water

If your dog is resistant to drinking water, there are a few things you can do to encourage them to drink more.

1- Boost the flavour of the water

One of the best ways to get your dog to drink more water is to make it more appealing to them. Add a little bit of chicken broth or low-sodium beef broth to their water bowl. The added flavor will make them more likely to drink.

2- Give ice-cubes a try

You can try freezing some of tasty water in a Kong toy – which is also our favourite toy- or ice cubes. This way, they can have fun playing with their ice cubes while they’re getting a nice drink of water at the same time. During the summer, this tip will help keep your dog cool.

3- Make drinking water fun

If your dog is resistant to drinking from their bowl, try using a water bottle with a nozzle attachment. This way, they can drink from the bottle like they would from a bowl.

You can also take your dog for a walk or play session before offering water. They will be more likely to drink after they’ve worked up a thirst.

4- Water bowl everywhere

Make sure you’re providing your dog with plenty of opportunities to drink throughout the day. If they’re only getting water at meal times, they’re likely to drink less. Put a water bowl in every room of your house and make sure to refill it regularly.


If your dog isn’t drinking enough water, there are a few things you can do to encourage them to drink more. Make sure they have easy access to fresh, clean water at all times. You can also try adding some flavour to their water with a little bit of chicken broth or beef broth. And lastly, make sure you’re taking your dog for regular walks or runs to help them stay hydrated.


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