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Foods You Should Keep Your Dog Away From

Med. vet. Fulya Şafak

We admit, it’s pretty hard to reject your dog when they come near you with their innocent eyes and wagging tails. We know how great the pressure our lovely friends can create, especially at meal times. BUT
Dogs will eat just about anything, whether it’s good for them or not. It’s our job as their owners to make sure they’re getting the proper nutrition they need, and not just eating whatever we’re eating.

In this article, you can find information about 5 foods that you should always keep your dogs away from.

1. Bone

Yes, bones are among the harmful foods for dogs. Feeding dogs bones or giving them bones to linger on can cause serious health problems. Ingested bone fragments can cause blockages and even perforations in the intestines. For this reason, it is recommended to think twice before giving them bones.

If you want to give your dog something to chew, bone is also not the best solution. Because it is too hard and can break the tooth. Instead of bone, prefer rubber toys, enrichment toys and soft chew sticks for him to chew.

As a veterinarian Kong is one of my favourite enrichment toy.
Made of durable rubber and it is designed to fill a food inside. Plus, it’s just plain fun for your furry friend to chew on!

2. Onions and garlic

Onions and garlic are very harmful to dogs. Compounds found in them cause the destruction of red blood cells of dogs. As a result, your dog may develop Anemia (or bloodlessness).

Toxic substances that onion contains can also cause red urination, decreased appetite, pale gums, vomiting, and increased heart rhythm.

If your dog is showing any of these signs, you should consult your veterinarian as soon as possible.

3. Alcohol

Frequently, on social media or in videos, I have seen dogs or cats drinking alcohol. Unfortunately, this is more dangerous than funny (also not ethical). Even small amounts of alcoholic beverages can cause vomiting, diarrhea, respiratory problems, difficulty in coordination, coma, and even death in dogs. The smaller the dog, the worse the symptoms can get. Therefore, be especially careful when drinking alcohol and keep your dog away from even spilled alcohol.

4. Grapes and Raisins

Although the cause is unknown, grapes and raisins are among the poisonous foods for dogs. These foods can even lead to kidney failure as well as digestive problems.

Therefore, it is best to prevent your dog from consuming foods containing nutrients such as grapes and raisins.

5. Salt and salty products

Pets that consume large amounts of salt may develop excessive thirst and urination, even sodium poisoning. In addition to symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, depression, tremors and seizures, it can result in death. A dog with an underlying disease (heart, kidney) may be more affected by salt than a healthy dog. Therefore, it will be the safest way to make sure that dogs do not consume salt or salty products such as table salt, baking powder and pretzels, salty cracker.

In addition to all these foods, foods such as raw eggs, raw meat, raw fish, milk and dairy products, chocolate, sweeteners, avocados, macademia nuts, coconut oil and coconut water are also classified as harmful foods to dogs.

No matter how careful you are, it is possible for your cute friend to do little mischief from time to time.

When you notice any unusual symptoms, seek a veterinarian help as soon as possible.


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