New years eve with your pet – What to do?

Med. vet. Fulya Şafak

New year has arrived. There will be celebrations everywhere. Maybe you are planning a house party, or you will be outside with your friends celebrating the new year and share the joy. However, there is a bitter truth of this joyful evening; it creates stress on cats on dogs with all the fireworks and other explosives.

Cats and dogs might go hide to a place where they feel safe while people are having fun outside with the fireworks. They sometimes don’t calm down even if you try to make them relaxed. So, what should you do in this case?

Adjust to his needs

First of all, you should calm down. If you get excited over the situation, he might understand that and the anxiety level might increase. Observe your pet’s behavior carefully, learn its reaction towards the high levels of noise. If he wants to go to a dark place to reduce the fear level, let him do that. If he gets uncomfortable when you touch him, don’t disturb him. Keep in mind that every dog has a different personality, thus different fears and reactions.

Have a quiet room

You can leave a quite room in your place for your dog. If he has a cage, you can put him inside. Put his favorite toy and the stuff he loves next to him. This stuff will also keep him busy. Even if you go out to enjoy the fireworks, you should let your pet inside.

Never tie him up

If you tie your pet anywhere, she might lose control because of the fear and she might hurt herself. If the leash is tied to anywhere, soft tissue around her neck might hurt and she can even get suffocated.

Don’t punish him

Punishing and yelling wouldn’t solve the behavioral problem. In case of fear, they increase the level of stress and may cause more severe psychological problems. That might result in other behavioral problems.


Don’t walk without a leash during this week

Do not leave your dog’s leash, especially when you take your dog out this week. Until 1 week after New Year’s Eve, there might be fireworks around; so it will help to prevent your pet to run away in case of a high level of noise.

Ensure your dog is microchipped and registered and wearing ID card

Especially during this period the number of lost dogs increases. Therefore, take the necessary precautions.

Keep your dog away from fireworks

No matter how much you want to have fun, your dog will not listen to you and their fear will continue. So even if you’re leaving home, leave your dog at home, with someone he trusts.

Anti-anxiety medications

You can consider using anti-anxiety medication. Consult your veterinarian about it. Especially for some dogs it is known that they help a lot during certain time periods.

Where to go?

There is a ban on fireworks around the airport and a radius of 1.5 kilometers. You can also choose airport hotels to spend the New Year with your dog.

If possible, you can travel with your pet.Where to go? To Amrum, Föhr and Sylt there is a fireworks ban this year.

But don’t be late for the reservations. Some of the hotels that are suitable for your lieblings on new years eve are already fully booked for a year.


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