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What can I do? – Is my dog/cat obese or overweight?

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Some pet parents think that having an obese or overweight pet is something to be proud of and even that is funny. Maybe even you are thinking that your beloved friend is a bit overweight, but if he looks happy and healthy, what else matters, right? However, the truth hurts. Did you know that obese pets die younger?
Don’t worry though, obesity is both preventable and curable and with the help of this article, you will learn how to prevent and treat obesity.


Body Condition Score

The best diagnosis should be made by calculating the body condition score. Dogs and cats with a Body Condition Score above 3 are considered overweight and obese.

5-Point System Body Condition Score for Cats

Is my dog/cat obese or overweight?

Diagnosing overweight and obesity in animals are more complex than in humans since there are many different breeds in pets.

The best diagnosis should be made by calculating the body condition score.

Measurement of body weight is another method which is necessary for the diagnosis of obesity. In dogs and cats, overweight means that the body weight is over more than 110-120% of the ideal weight and obesity means that the body weight is over more than 120% of the ideal weight.

Studies have also shown that the number of obesity and overweight cases has increased in the last 5 years (1).

Treatment of obesity and overweight in dogs and cats

Firstly, if there is a disease that causes obesity, it should be treated. Once these diseases have been treated, your cat or dog may return to their ideal weight.

If there is no underlying disease that causes obesity or overweight, obesity should be treated.

There are 3 main factors that make the obesity treatment successful:

Change in the behaviour of the owner

First of all, the most important factor in the treatment is changing the behaviour of the pet owner. That’s why we should change our own perception and behaviour towards obesity.

Regulation of nutrition

It can be done in many ways. Here are some tips for you:

Increasing physical activity

Preparing the amount of food and energy in accordance with the diet and increasing physical activity are the factors that support each other in reaching the ideal weight of your dog and cat.


As the animal owner, find the activity that best suits your dog and you.


How to prevent obesity


Monitoring the ideal weight in adult cats and dogs:


Obesity remains a common and increasing problem in cats and dogs. Although it is a treatable health problem, we should try first to prevent the development of the obesity. Clearly, it is in our hands. In order to understand your pet’s ideal body condition score, using an appropriate food and adequate activity will help you to keep your pet healthy.



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