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The new [2.0] PetLEO application will enable you to take better care of your pet, and make sure it is happy, healthy, and safe.

PetEO app lets you book appointments online simple and practical.
Created by experts in E-Health with 15 years of experience
Communication between vets and pet owners has never been so easy

Find how the PetLEO app will make your life easier

Potential dangers in your area.

In the PetLEO app you can warn other users about dangers like poison bait and the community warns you as well. If there is a danger lurking in your environment, you will be informed via push notifications.

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"I don't know of any other app or website that warns me so reliably."
Never miss any important event again

We will help you organize all your pets' events. From vaccinations and appointments to teleconsultations.

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“Finally, online booking for my vet.”
Personalize your map

See all the locations that matters to you, from clinics to walking routes, they are all there.

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“I open the map and find what I need immediately. That is super!”
Track what matters

You finally can track your pets health data, from weight to exercise, we got it all.

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“It helps me make sure my dog walks enough.”

Vets recommend it

With a vet founder, PetLEO will always makes sure that the content is medically checked. So that your pet will be:

Toxic baits reported
by 8000 users

PetLEO also offers:

Medical Video Consultations
With PetLEO, you can contact your own vet via video consultations.
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Product Offers
We want to offer you and your pet only the best that is out on the market.

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We received thousands of positive reviews from our community
Super App and a must for everyone who cares about the well-being of his four-legged friends! Absolutely recommendable! ”
Clara, 28
“Finally a really useful app for dog owners! Very easy to use. Many thanks for this great app.”
Steffi, 36
“Just installed and I am very excited. Very easy to use. Keep it up.”
Thomas, 45

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