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Toxic bait reports
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What is PetLEO?

With the help of PetLEO you can see the locations of toxic baits in your neighbourhood. You can give your pet security and enjoy a nice walk with him at the same time. You can also inform our community about new dangers by adding them to the map.
We will automatically inform you about all dangers, for example toxic baits, in your area via PUSH notification. Nothing can happen to your animal anymore.
Coming soon: Track your pet's steps, blood pressure and other vital metrics. Our veterinarians will give you advice on how to improve your pet's health.
Our app helps you to understand your pet better and to take care of it. We give you specific advice to make your pet happier.
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Going for a walk?

PetLEO will always inform you if there is a danger nearby. Before your walk you can alrady take a minute to read all dangers that were reported nearby.
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Understand your pet more

Start understanding more about your best friend! PetLEO provides you valuable information from professional vets and helps you understand your pet better!
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Your electronic pet health assistant

Track your best friend’s health better with PetLEO. We remind you for the vaccinations and other tasks about your pet and give you insights about its health.
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Our users said ...
Clara, 28
Super App and a must for everyone who cares about the well-being of his four-legged friends! Absolutely recommendable!
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Steffi, 36
Finally a really useful app for dog owners! Very easy to use. Many thanks for this great app.
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Thomas, 45
Just installed and I am very excited. Very easy to use, radius and timeliness of content are adjustable. Keep it up.
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What to do when your dog ...

Our vets tell you exactly what to do in particular cases. Easy and understandable for everyone.
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