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What our users ask

On this page we answer frequently asked questions that our users keep asking us. We hope, that we can help you with these answers.

I can't install the app.
Probably your smartphone is too old. We support all Android phones from version 4.4 and all iPhones. As of iOS version 11. If your smartphone is not supported, you can alternatively download our online version at
How do you finance yourselves?
The PetLEO Toxic Bait Alarm is free and free of advertising and will always be free. Currently, the PetLEO team finances the entire project out of its own pocket. PetLEO is currently looking for investors and influential people who support us in helping to reach every animal owner in the World.
Where do you get the hazard alarms from?
Unlike other apps, PetLEO is not only dependent on attentive users. The danger alerts are also automatically downloaded by various sources. The combination of PetLEO is much more up-to-date from various sources and has much more data than comparable services.
What makes PetLEO better than comparable apps?
First of all, compared to other products, PetLEO is 100% free and free of advertising. The PetLEO team consists of very experienced app developers and veterinarians. In contrast to many other apps our team has many years of professional experience in the app market and in animal health. While other apps rely on only on the commitment of its users, PetLEO draws its hazard alerts from over 50 from different sources. All reports are controlled and evaluated by our team. Through our Network of various official reporting offices, PetLEO has thus significantly more up-to-date and complete Information as comparable apps.
Can I support you?
Currently we do not earn any money with PetLEO. Accordingly, our team can only work to a limited extent in marketing and Advertising invest. The more users we are, the more lives we can save together with PetLEO. You can support PetLEO for free by helping us get more users. You could:
  • Share our app on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.
  • Write a review in the AppStore or PlayStore
  • Convince your friends to download and review the app
  • Try to advertise PetLEO (e.g. through Posts in Facebook groups). We are grateful for any form of support. Write us gladly a email to [email protected]
How can I delete my account?

We very much regret that you wish to delete your PetLEO account. If you are registered in the app it is sufficient to send us an e-mail to (info [at] petleo [dot] net). Please use for this the e-mail address from which you have registered.

If you didn't register, just go to the settings page and press the "Delete my Account" button.

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