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Canine Distemper: the highly contagious infectious disease in dogs

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Canine distemper is caused by the Morbillivirus, which comes from the same family of viruses like measles. It is a serious and very contagious disease that can be fatal to your dog. As this disease is extremely difficult to treat, vaccinating your dog is the only way to protect him.



It is a very infectious disease affecting dogs and other canines (foxes, wolves, etc.). Distemper is a viral disease that affects the respiratory, digestive and nervous systems. It is often deadly, and dogs that survive usually have a permanent, incurable nervous system problem. 


Canine Distemper infections have been reported in red foxes, racoons and skunks.


The transmission usually occurs by air, or by contact with the sick animal. The virus can also be carried with shoes or clothes. The virus enters the body through respiration (breathing), multiplies in the lymph system and spreads to the body.

The most common symptoms are:

In rare cases, hyperkeratinization (thickening and hardening of the outer layer of the skin) may occur in the nose and on the soles of some dogs.

Common symptoms if the patient has a nervous form:

Risk factors


There is no specific treatment like other viral diseases. Supportive treatment is applied according to the clinical symptom of the patient. 


If your pet is infected with canine distemper, you should separate it from other dogs.

The only way to prevent this disease is vaccination. Your dog should be vaccinated against Distemper at 8, 12 and 16 weeks and 15 months of age according to StiKoVet. Then, with booster vaccines, immunity against Distemper disease should be strengthened.

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