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Dog walking
Lifestyle Lifestyle - August/26/ 2020 26.08.2020 - 5 min

A dog must be allowed to exercise twice a day for a total of at least one hour. How does Germany regulate and control it, we don’t know it, yet. However, we have tried to list them all for you.


Dog teeth
Uncategorized Uncategorized - August/18/ 2020 18.08.2020 - 5 min

Bad breath in dogs can be a symptom or  sign of a health problem. The main cause of bad breath is the presence of dental plaque (sticky film on the teeth) and the deposit of tartar on the dog’s teeth. To remedy this, limit wet foods, brush your dog’s teeth every day if possible or give special kibbles to improve your dog’s oral health. Other than that, it can be a sign of a general disease such as fungal infections, kidney disease, diabetes. In every case, you might consider going to a Veterinarian. 


Health & Care Health & Care - July/3/ 2020 03.07.2020 - 5 min

Infectious, resistant and deathly. It can persist in the environment for long periods: months or even years. Cases that encountered by veterinarians are often serious, even fatal. It is therefore vital that your dog is protected against this disease.

To better protect your beloved companion, discover the characteristics of PARVOVIRUS.


What to do when your dog ...

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Health & Care Health & Care - March/17/ 2020 17.03.2020 - 5 min

Vomiting is a clinical sign and it has so many different reasons. Maybe your dog ate too quickly, or hardly digested food or grass. Also, some medication can also cause vomiting.  Most of the time, it has no consequence for its health. Nevertheless, it is important to make sure that it is not a sign of an emerging disease; such as cancer, kidney failure or neurological disease. (more…)

Health & Care Health & Care - January/29/ 2020 29.01.2020 - 5 min

The flea is a parasite that can infest our four-legged friends, but also humans. With three distinct life phases, the flea goes from egg to larva, before reaching adulthood. Its location and characteristics change over the course of its life, making it difficult to eliminate. To get rid of this invasive and sometimes disease-carrying parasite, it is really important to know them well. (more…)

Health & Care Health & Care - January/21/ 2020 21.01.2020 - 5 min

Treating your dog against fleas is necessary for your dog’s general health. Fleas can lead to serious diseases such as skin inflammation (dermatitis), tapeworm. They also can carry various diseases, including the plague. (more…)

Health & Care Health & Care - January/18/ 2020 18.01.2020 - 5 min

Canine distemper is caused by the Morbillivirus, which comes from the same family of viruses like measles. It is a serious and very contagious disease that can be fatal to your dog. As this disease is extremely difficult to treat, vaccinating your dog is the only way to protect him. (more…)

Lifestyle Lifestyle - December/29/ 2019 29.12.2019 - 5 min

New year has arrived. There will be celebrations everywhere. Maybe you are planning a house party, or you will be outside with your friends celebrating the new year and share the joy. However, there is a bitter truth of this joyful evening; it creates stress on cats on dogs with all the fireworks and other explosives. (more…)

Health & Care Health & Care - December/23/ 2019 23.12.2019 - 5 min

There are more than 650 species of ticks in the world. The distribution area of ticks is continuously increasing due to global warming and they cause many infectious diseases. (more…)

Health & Care Health & Care - December/20/ 2019 20.12.2019 - 5 min

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. But if you have a nosey pet, this beautiful holiday can turn into a little nightmare. In a very short time, you can find yourself waiting in a vet clinic. So taking precaution to save your Christmas from your Grinch-like pets is the best way! 🙂 (more…)

Health & Care Health & Care - November/30/ 2019 30.11.2019 - 5 min

For centuries rabies were one of the most feared diseases. However, it still  causes an average of 59,000 deaths a year in the world. With this article, you will learn more about Rabies disease. (more…)

Health & Care Health & Care - November/7/ 2019 07.11.2019 - 5 min

According to StiKoVet, only half of the dogs and 1/3 of cats in Germany have adequate vaccine protection. These rates should be at least 70% to prevent infectious diseases from becoming epidemic diseases. With this article, you will learn everything you need to know about your pet’s vaccination schedule.


Health & Care Health & Care - October/26/ 2019 26.10.2019 - 5 min

Some pet parents think that having an obese or overweight pet is something to be proud of and even that is funny. Maybe even you are thinking that your beloved friend is a bit overweight, but if he looks happy and healthy, what else matters, right? However, the truth hurts. Did you know that obese pets die younger?
Don’t worry though, obesity is both preventable and curable and with the help of this article, you will learn how to prevent and treat obesity.

Hot dog
Health & Care Health & Care - October/9/ 2019 09.10.2019 - 5 min

Obesity (or excessive body fat) is a growing problem in both pets and humans. According to the research from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, 52% of the cats and dogs in Germany are overweight or obese. (more…)

Health & Care Health & Care - September/23/ 2019 23.09.2019 - 5 min

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) warns that common sweeteners such as xylitol are poisonous for dogs. (more…)

Dog swimming in a lake
Health & Care Health & Care - August/10/ 2019 10.08.2019 - 5 min

It is the middle of August and the summer is showing its best side. However, bathing in the lakes can also entail a risk that is often overlooked: The blue-green alga, also known as Cyanobacteria.


Health & Care Health & Care - July/17/ 2019 17.07.2019 - 5 min

As the weather is getting warm, nature is beginning to revive again. Of course, hiking and trekking are added to the plans for the weekend. (more…)

Health & Care Health & Care - June/24/ 2019 24.06.2019 - 5 min

Swimming, hiking, and many more activities… Not only you but our four-legged friends are also looking forward to the summer!

Do you know that you are putting your pet’s health on risk when the weather is too hot? (more…)

Health & Care Health & Care - May/20/ 2019 20.05.2019 - 5 min

Is chocolate really a key of happiness? It may be for us! However, it is extremely dangerous for our four-legged friends! (more…)

Health & Care Health & Care - May/16/ 2019 16.05.2019 - 5 min

Nowadays, the poison baits are mostly used against the rodents such as rats, mice or moles; which are harmful to the farming areas. These baits are called rodenticides, which actually means rodent killers. 


Health & Care Health & Care - May/9/ 2019 09.05.2019 - 5 min

Do you know what to do if you think your dog or cat is get poisoned? With this 6 steps you can save your 4-legged friend’s life! (more…)

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