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Hot dog
Health & Care Health & Care - October/9/ 2019 09.10.2019 - 5 min

Obesity (or excessive body fat) is a growing problem in both pets and humans. According to the research from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, 52% of the cats and dogs in Germany are overweight or obese. (more…)

Health & Care Health & Care - September/23/ 2019 23.09.2019 - 5 min

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) warns that common sweeteners such as xylitol are poisonous for dogs. (more…)

Dog swimming in a lake
Health & Care Health & Care - August/10/ 2019 10.08.2019 - 5 min

It is the middle of August and the summer is showing its best side. However, bathing in the lakes can also entail a risk that is often overlooked: The blue-green alga, also known as Cyanobacteria.


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Health & Care Health & Care - July/17/ 2019 17.07.2019 - 5 min

As the weather is getting warm, nature is beginning to revive again. Of course, hiking and trekking are added to the plans for the weekend. (more…)

Health & Care Health & Care - June/24/ 2019 24.06.2019 - 5 min

Swimming, hiking, and many more activities… Not only you but our four-legged friends are also looking forward to the summer!

Do you know that you are putting your pet’s health on risk when the weather is too hot? (more…)

Health & Care Health & Care - May/20/ 2019 20.05.2019 - 5 min

Is chocolate really a key of happiness? It may be for us! However, it is extremely dangerous for our four-legged friends! (more…)

Health & Care Health & Care - May/16/ 2019 16.05.2019 - 5 min

Nowadays, the poison baits are mostly used against the rodents such as rats, mice or moles; which are harmful to the farming areas. These baits are called rodenticides, which actually means rodent killers. 


Health & Care Health & Care - May/9/ 2019 09.05.2019 - 5 min

Do you know what to do if you think your dog or cat is get poisoned? With this 6 steps you can save your 4-legged friend’s life! (more…)

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