hund grasmilben
May 25, 2022

Grass mites infestation in dogs: what are they and what to do?

Summer and autumn are the time when the harvest mites, which are tiny orange mites, become a problem for dogs…

cat in a carrying bag
May 18, 2022

Prepare your cat for veterinary visit

Many cats are unfortunately afraid of veterinary clinics and that makes us cat owners anxious. So what should you do…

dog eats vegetable fruit
May 11, 2022

Which fruits and vegetables are safe for your dog

Is your dog trying to eat everything that falls to the ground? Many of the foods we consume are also…

dog food
May 4, 2022

Foods You Should Keep Your Dog Away From

We admit, it's pretty hard to reject your dog when they come near you with their innocent eyes and wagging…

senior dog
March 7, 2022

8 facts that you should know about your senior dog

Aging is a natural and unavoidable part of the life cycle. Even though our friends have a decreased energy, their…

hund impfung
March 6, 2022

How to take care of your pet after vaccination

We have inevitably received information about the vaccine and its working mechanism since the outbreak of the pandemic. Thanks to…

cat litter
March 2, 2022

5 things you need to know about cat litter

If you are a cat owner, one of the most important issues is cat litter. It has a great importance…

February 22, 2022

Why does my cat rub against my legs?

Why does my cat rub against my legs? is a common question in cat owner's mind.It can be difficult to…

February 11, 2022

Sudden Diarrhea of Dogs and Cats

Sudden diarrhea is commonly self-limiting and it doesn’t affect your dog in general and commonly stops in two days.  Symptom…

February 8, 2022

Is It too Cold To Walk With Your Dog?

You've looked at the weather and can't decide if it's cold to go out with your dog. Don't worry, you…


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